Low tech planted tank, COVID project

Just  before COVID hit, we had promised our daughter that we would get a fish tank. The original plan was to get a relatively small, Fluval all in one. Then everyone realized they were going to be bored at home and started picking up hobbies and bought all the small tanks. So after a little searching we ended up with something quite a bit bigger and a whole lot nicer from craigslist.

Unfortunately, it definitely started as more of a project than originally intended. It came with an algae infestation that took some time to clean up.

It's set up as a low-tech planted tank with some fish and snails. Currently we've got the following fish: 

  • Albino bristlenose pleco
  • Cory cat
  • Neon tetras
  • Porkchop raspboras
  • Blue gourami
  • Pearly gourami
  • Glass catfish
  • Neon dwarf rainbow fish
  • Kribensis cichlid